Rules & FAQ

Competition rules

  1. The animation18 competition opens for entries on Monday 18 September 2017. The deadline for submitting entries is midnight on Friday 23 March 2018. Prizewinners will be notified in May 2017.
  2. The competition is open only to students aged 7-19 who are enrolled at schools, colleges and other educational institutions in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). SSAT schools outside of the UK, since these are inspected by OFSTED, are also eligible to enter, as are overseas schools who are members of COBIS. UK home-educated students are eligible. Students studying at University are not eligible.
  3. An entry can be from an individual, or a group of up 4 students.
  4. Entries can be any form of animation including key-frame and stop-motion. Animations which are interactive are ineligible. In other words, the animation must run, standalone, without any user input. In particular, interactive games are not eligible
  5. Animations may be created using any software package, and submitted in any of the following file formats: sb, sb2, mov, mp4, avi, swf.
  6. Entries can only be accepted if submitted on-line using the official competition entry form webpage, which will be open when the competition launches.
  7. Your animation can be about anything you want.
  8. Entries must be original works created by the individual or team submitting the entry. However we do realise that it is entirely appropriate that students entering may receive professional support from teachers/classroom assistants, as part of the usual teaching and learning process.
  9. The duration of an entry must be no more than 1 minute. There is no minimum length.
  10. There is no restriction on the number of separate entries an individual or team may make. However, if an individual or team submits multiple entries, the content of each entry must be substantially different.
  11. If your entry incorporates any “assets” from other sources, for example music, sounds, text, images, 3D models, you must own the rights to use the material, or the material must be rights-free, and in all cases you must acknowledge the use of the materials in the end-credits of the animation. You will be asked, during the submission process, to confirm that you own the rights. Entries which contain copyright-controlled material may be rejected.
  12. We reserve the right to reject any entry which, in our view, contains inappropriate material.
  13. When you submit an entry you grant The University of Manchester permission to make unrestricted use of the entry in future, for educational or publicity purposes. In such use, the University will ensure that the author/school is clearly acknowledged.
  14. Submitted entries may be published on the Competition’s Youtube Channel, and displayed on webpages hosted by The University of Manchester, which will also contain entrants’ and schools’ names (but no contact details).
  15. The University of Manchester will keep your contact data confidential and will not release it to any other parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the prizes? Amazon vouchers and certificates. All entrants receive a downloadable PDF certificate of entry.
  2. How do I submit my entry to the competition? Entries are made using our submissions webpage. We cannot accept entries submitted by any other method, such as email, file drop-off service, media, etc.
  3. How many people can be in a team? Up to 4.
  4. I am aged 7-19 but not at school – can I enter? Yes, as long as there is a responsible adult who can register for the competition, and take responsibility for your entry. Examples might include a parent or guardian for a young person educated at home, or a certified Youth Worker for a young person from a Youth Club.
  5. My film is longer than 1 minute. Will it be considered? Only the first 60 seconds will be considered. Anything after this will be disregarded.
  6. Can I use copyrighted material such as music or images in an animation? Sure, as long as you own the copyright to that material i.e. you have obtained a copy legally. If your entry incorporates music or sound samples, or images, or any material you have obtained from some other source, you must own the rights to use that material. If you don’t have rights to use the material, then, if you win a prize in our competition, and your work is displayed publically, you may find yourself in breach of copyright. This will cause big problems for you, and for us (The University of Manchester).
  7. Can I use any software to make my animation? Yes.
  8. Can I submit stop-frame animation? Yes.